Encountering Ancient Voices - 2nd Edition

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Author: Carvalho, Corrine, PhD Year: 2010
Publisher: Saint Mary's Press Pages: 516
Binding: Paperback
Code: 7026 Series: 49.95

Encountering Ancient Voices integrates the most recent research on the Old Testament into a historical context and to keep the focus on the text of the Bible itself.

The new second edition of Corrine Carvalho's widely popular core text maintains the features, pedagogy, and engaging style that made the first edition so effective and successful, while making it even more inclusive of a religiously diverse audience. Added features include a new key to biblical texts discussed in the book, listed in canonical order. The style of the book remains as engaging and accessible as the original, bringing the stories of the Old Testament to life.

Flexible, understandable, and informed by best teaching practices, Encountering Ancient Voices features chapter overviews and summaries, guided readings and unique sidebars for unpacking key biblical texts, and an inviting narrative voice that will engage readers' interest while inviting them to connect theological questions to their everyday world. With its focus on active learning techniques throughout, it's an approach that empowers students to read the Old Testament on their own.