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Seeking God In Every Situation

Author: Aridas, Chris
Publisher: Catholic Book Publishing Corp Pages: 112
Binding: Paperback
Code: RP194/04
According to the author, "The goal of discernment is to find God, and in finding God, to know God's will.... "Knowing the unknowable, or the hidden answer, has little to do with discernment. Rather than being a magic system which unveils God's plan, it is the concrete process of entering the Father's life by living the life of the Risen Lord. More than asking God to enter us, we--through a life of discernment--enter God's life through Jesus, the One who is truly and totally alive in the Father.... "Discernment therefore, is surprisingly practical. It is the recognition of God's voice and call spoken here and now in the ordinary everyday experience of our humanity, rather than in the esoteric, god-talk whispered in our ear during some transcendental moment."