Creating a Christian Lifestyle TM-Revised

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Teaching Manual

Author: Koch, Carl Year: 1996
Publisher: Saint Mary's Press Pages: 352
Binding: Special
Code: 1225 Series: 27.25

Senior year is a pivotal moment in the life of teens, a time when young men and women are shaping their goals and hopes for the future and seeking spiritual guidance. Creating a Christian Lifestyle, a comprehensive one-semester course, addresses significant issues teens will face as they choose among the many life paths they may travel--single or married life, religious life, or ordained ministry. The text examines themes common to all these paths: identity and autonomy, love, communication, sexuality, friendship, creativity and learning, work, money and possessions, and suffering and healing. The accompanying teaching manual supports the student text and includes prayers, prayer services, review questions and answers, student activities, discussion questions, role-play situations, suggestions for interviews and guest speakers, student handouts, and much more.

The teaching manual contains the following additional resources:

  • goals and objectives
  • suggestions for using specific features of this course
  • an appendix of additional suggestions for effective teaching
  • a list of recommended audiovisuals and other resources
  • a list of audiovisual distributors
  • a bibliography of additional professional resources
  • sample test questions, also available free of charge in editable format

    More activities are suggested in the manual than a teacher could use in a semester. This wide selection allows teachers to choose the activities that are best suited to their students.