St Pauls Australia - St Pauls Publications and St Pauls Bookcentre - has adopted the "National Privacy Principles" as our policy on all methods of contact available to you with us.

Purpose of collecting information

We will collect personal information in the process of conducting transaction. That personal information may be obtained directly from you, via another contact in your organisation or through a third party who we believe has informed you that your details may be provided to us. We will only store your personal details if they are relevant to your organisation conducting transaction with us. We do not normally obtain or store information that is deemed by the Privacy Act to be "Sensitive Information".

We store personal information to ensure that we can maintain contact with the organisations with which we do transaction. This contact may be verbal, electronic or written. The reason for the contact may be to inform, request assistance or to maintain a relationship.

Use of information

The information we collect will only be that which is necessary for the conduct of our organization and our relationship with your organisation.

Information gathered by us in one instance may be used in another instance unless you expressly requested that we do not. However, we will only use the information which we receive about you for the purpose of doing transaction with your organisation or in connection with that purpose.

Method of collection of information

Where practical, we will only collect information directly from you and those submitted by you. If we collect it from another source, we will do what is reasonably possible to inform you that we have collected the information.

Storing personal information

Your information is held either in paper-based records or in electronic form in our databases. We take proper precautions to ensure the security of that information. If your information is no longer needed, we will either delete it from our systems or de-identify it, so that it cannot be attributed to you personally.

Disclosure of information

We do not normally disclose your personal information to anyone. If we intend to do so, we will contact you before we do.

Checking your information

We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the information we hold is accurate, and we will put into effect any changes that you ask for.

If you wish to view the personal information that we have stored please e-mail, fax or write to our Privacy Officer, Norman Peña. We will disclose your personal information ONLY to be extracted and made available for viewing by you at St Pauls Australia (Note: This will not includ any passwords or security relevant information). We will not mail or e-mail your personal information document to you but we will notify you in a timely manner when it is available for viewing.

Website procedure and security

If, through a channel of contact, you are forwarded to another site or organisation St Pauls Australia is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of that site or organisation.

Our web site uses cookies, which are small amounts of information sent from a web server to your computer. These cookies are used to retain login and state information. We do not use cookies to track your internet activity before or after you leave the St Pauls Australia environment. Any activity while you are at our web site may be monitored. No other company has access to our cookies.

Where credit card details are submitted for a web site purchase, St Pauls Australia take every precaution to ensure that your transaction is safe and secure. The St Pauls Australia environment has added security available as a default option which uses a 128 bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. This means that information you send is encrypted automatically by your computer, and then decrypted again on our side, preventing others from accessing your private information in between.

More information on privacy legislation is available from the Federal Privacy Commissioner at

Additional information

You can contact us at any of the following:

Norman Peña
St Pauls Publications
PO Box 906
Strathfield NSW 2135

Tel: 02 9394 3400
Fax: 02 9394 3444



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Product Availability

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Your Submission

Any material, information, or idea submitted or posted on this Web site will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary. St Pauls Australia may share or otherwise use your submission only for purposes set forth within the boundaries of our Privacy Policy. If any of the information submitted constitutes personal data, you agree that St Pauls Australia may transmit such personal data across international boundaries for any St Pauls Australia business purpose. Personal data will be treated as set forth in our Privacy Policy.

Jurisdiction and Choice of Law

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Through its publishing activities St Pauls Publications seeks to assist the ongoing renewal of the Church in the spirit of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council. Following its founder, Fr James Alberione, its goal is to help bring the whole Christ (Way, Truth and Life) to the whole person (mind, heart, and will).

It's principal activities are in the field of print media through the publication of books, pamphlets and liturgical bulletins. However, aware of the immense impact of the audio and visual media in today's society it is committed to the development of projects utilising these media, alone and in collaboration with other media organisations.

    The specific goals of its editorial policy are:
  • To give priority to the Word of God through the publication and diffusion of the Bible, and the publication of commentaries and discussion guides on the sacred Scriptures.
  • To make the official teachings of the Catholic Church known through the publication in Australia of documents of the Holy See and, when requested, documents of the Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference.
  • To publish works in areas of spirituality, prayer, religion, liturgy and catechesis for both children and adults. Specifically, to seek works that reveal the richness of the Christian tradition while pointing to the movement of the Spirit of God in our own time and place.
  • To give prominence to works concerned with the development of the Australian Church. At least fifty per cent of all books published are to be authored locally.
  • To collaborate with publishing houses operated by the Society of St Paul in other countries, and with other publishing houses, to make the works of Australian authors known internationally and to publish in Australia relevant works originating in other countries. The annual Frankfurt Book Fair (October) and the Religious Book Trade Exhibit (Chicago, June) are utilised to promote international contact and collaboration.


    St Pauls Publications will consider unsolicited manuscripts, provided:
  • They are within the range of its editorial policy as enunciated above.
  • They are neatly typed and presented as a hard (paper) copy. A computer disk containing the work will be required for it to be accepted for publication, however this should not be sent initially with the manuscript.
  • They are accompanied by a letter giving biographical details about the author, the author's indication of potential market, and any other information relevant to the assessment of the manuscript.
  • They are posted to: The Editor, St Pauls Publications, PO Box 906, Strathfield NSW 2135, Australia.

Manuscripts usually take four to six weeks to assess. However, more time may be necessary for specific manuscripts. As a general rule, frequent communications from authors inquiring about the status of their work does not help its prospects of being accepted. Please be patient.