Christian Thought and Practice: A Primer

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Author: Weaver, Natalie Kertes Year: 2012
Publisher: Saint Mary's Press Pages: 210
Binding: Paperback
Code: 1362

A basic introduction to Christian theology for today’s diverse classroom

Christian Thought and Practice: A Primer meets the demands of the contemporary classroom, providing a true introduction to the discipline, one that presupposes no background in theology nor prior study of the Christian religion. Natalie Kertes Weaver has developed a text that will help teachers bring students to a level playing field for learning, so that a strong foundational understanding of Christian thought can be established.

Christian Thought and Practice: A Primer:

  • Presents a thorough and broad architecture of Christian thought and practice
  • Covers key historical periods, communities, and doctrines
  • Provides a basic introduction for students of all faiths, but with breadth
  • Enables students of diverse backgrounds to become full participants in the classroom

Upon completing the book, readers will come away with a base of knowledge of Christian belief and practice in the world, and with an understanding of its scope and reach throughout history: how the religion has been practiced within different communities, Christianity’s interaction with other religions, and its place within civil society at large over the past two millennia.