Christian Perspectives on the Financial Crash

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Author: Booth, Philip (Ed) Year: 2010
Publisher: St Pauls Distribution UK Pages: 192
Binding: Paperback
Dimension: 136 x 216
Christian Perspectives on the Financial Crash examines the underlying economic and ethical causes of, and lessons from, the financial crash of 2008. The contributors' focus is on the longterm lessons rather than on the immediate action that has to be taken to deal with the consequences of the crash.

A number of the contributors examine important ethical questions. It is stressed that these issues are timeless: ethical renewal is important in building a more virtuous society at all times, not just to avoid catastrophic events. Other contributors look at where ethics interacts with economics and suggest new ways forward for Christian social teaching on issues such as usury, bank bailouts, the provision of credit, interest-rate ceilings and so on. The book also examines how the crash provides an opportunity for Christians to get involved in social action - through credit unions and other grass-roots institutions - in ways that can both alleviate the effects of the crash and also provide alternative sources of financial services.