Christian Fasting

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Disciplining the Body and Awakening the Spirit

Author: Totah OSB, Sr Mary David Year: 2012
Publisher: Catholic Truth Society UK Pages: 72
Binding: A6 Paperback
Code: SP34
Dimension: 105 x 148

Fasting is an indispensable part of the Christian life, a purification of our habits of eating and drinking, which allows us to rein in our physical appetites.

This informative new booklet explores the Catholic understanding of fasting using Scripture and the teachings of Christ and his Church. The true meaning and value of fasting aligned with almsgiving and prayer is beautifully explained - and complemented by quotations and a question-and-answer section. The Friday Penance, recently given new emphasis, is also discussed in relation to a rediscovering of our Catholic identity.

‘Just as Adam was driven out of paradise for having eaten, refusing to trust, so it is by fasting and faith that they who wish to enter paradise do so.’ - St Athanasius

Sr Mary David is a nun of the Benedictine community of St Cecilia’s Abbey in Ryde on the Isle of Wight.