Charter of Rights of the Family

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Presented by the Holy See to all Persons Institutions and Authorities Concerned with the Mission of

Author: Holy See Year: 2008
Publisher: Catholic Truth Society UK Pages: 24
Binding: A5 Paperback
Code: S371 Series: Vatican Documents
Dimension: 148 x 210
The Charter of the Rights of the Family appeared two years after Familiaris Consortio (on the role of the Christian family in the modern world), which contained a reference to the Charter. It is intended for all families, whether or not they are Christian.

This important document should be used by all concerned with defending the rights of the family which are often abused in modern times. It is not an exposition of the dogmatic or moral theology of marriage and the family, although it reflects the Church's thinking in the matter. Nor is it a code of conduct for persons or institutions concerned with the question. The Charter is also different from a simple declaration of theoretical principles concerning the family. It aims, rather, at presenting to all our contemporaries, be they Christian or not, a formulation - as complete and ordered as possible - of the fundamental rights that are inherent in that natural and universal society which is the family.