Celibate Love and Friendship

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Author: Niere, OCD, Sr Mary
Publisher: St Pauls Manila Philippines Pages: 37

For a long time now, many people have been asking me to write something on celibate love and friendship between a man and a woman who are committed to a life long celibacy.
They are asking me to put down in writing the talks on this topic that I often give to priests and religious sisters. But I have been so busy that I could not comply with their request. So I kept on postponing it. Until recently in one of my talks to priests, a priest came to me and said that he attended one of my retreats and heard me talk about celibate love and friendship. He told me that the talk he heard had completely changed his life. It made him a happy priest, fulfilled and committed to his priesthood.
He then explained further that before, he was so afraid of women-afraid to fall in love, afraid to lose his vocation. So many believed that he is a woman hater. After my talk his attitude towards women has changed and now his life of prayer has become meaningful simply because he has become more human and more approachable.