Catholic Architecture

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Author: Schloeder, Steven J. Year: 2013
Publisher: Catholic Truth Society UK Pages: 56
Binding: A6 Paperback Expected Date: 05-07-2022
Code: SP39 Series: Deeper Chrstianity

An exploration of what the design of a Catholic Church means, and why it matters.

The church building has always been intended to express and facilitate the acts of worship and prayer that go on within.

A practising Catholic architect explores the history and meaning of the church and the spiritual significance of its design.

In order to deepen our Christian experience, he shows us how an effectively designed church building can help to form us in the spirit of prayerful participation in the liturgy, and a true “sense of the sacred”.

Written in an accessible style, this booklet will help Catholics better understand the buildings they use and see the significance of them.

About the author

Steven J Schloeder, PhD, AIA, is a licensed architect and theologian who specialises both in the design and theory of Catholic church architecture. He is the author of Architecture in Communion (San Francisco, Ignatius Press)