Catherine of Siena (Editrice Velar)

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Author: Vittorio, Peri
Publisher: Saint Benedict Press and Tan Boo Pages: 46
Binding: Paperback

We are happy to offer a beautiful new series of Saints Lives from the Italian publisher Editrice Velar. These comprehensive little guide books are filled the intriguing details and important events in each Saint s life. Every page contains either a striking full-color image or illustration. They are the perfect introduction to the Saints for young and old alike.

St. Catherine of Siena by Vittorio Peri contains: an introduction to the Saint, her biographical information, her infancy and adolescence, her life as a nurse and teacher, her mystical marriage to Our Lord, her remarkable work for peace within the Church, her glorious sainthood and so much more.

Included are the photographs and famous images of St. Catherine, as well as a map spanning her adventures from Pisa to Rome! 

St. Catherine of Siena will help build a devotion and deepen your knowledge of this remarkable saint.