By Your Side CD - A Way of the Cross for Teens

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Author: Galabeas, Ruben
Publisher: Mercy Song Ministries Pages: 0
Binding: Compact Disk
Code: BYS-CD

By Your Side: A Way of the Cross for Teens has been created specifically for teenagers and young adults. Like all Stations of the Cross, its purpose is to reflect on the passion and death of Jesus Christ, allowing those gathered to walk along beside him to Calvary. While we contemplate the suffering and death of Jesus, we examine our own lives as well as the lives and faith of those who have come to share in this prayer experience.

Each station contains three elements: a short song, a reflection on the station, and a prayer that invites the participant to enter into the passion of Jesus and more specifically address an issue pertinent to the lives of young people today. The reflections and prayers can either be read by a leader or in unison.

Also Available: By Your Side: A Way of the Cross for Teens Booklet reflections on the passion and death of Jesus Christ, which invites teens and young adults to contemplate their own lives and faith. Perfect for youth groups, faith formation, or as a personal guide to the Stations of the Cross!

Song List:

  • Hands
  • Prayer Before the Altar
  • First Station
  • Second Station
  • Third Station
  • Fourth Station
  • Fifth Station
  • Sixth Station
  • Seventh Station
  • Eighth Station
  • Ninth Station
  • Tenth Station
  • Eleventh Station
  • Twelfth Station
  • Thirteenth Station
  • Fourteenth Station
  • Concluding Prayer / Were You There
  • Eternally