Be Fruitful: Reflections for a Week/Month Retreat

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Author: Stephen S.J., Fr George
Publisher: St Pauls Mumbai India Pages: 156
Binding: Paperback

Here is a very practical layout of a 4-week retreat that can help bring about an "awakening" in the reader- awakening in terms of numerous aspects of our life. All our prayers, our endeavours, successes and failures, our friendships and other relationships are intended to lead us towards a sense of fulfillment in life. But to make that possible, we need help, we need a guide at every turn of our journey towards that ideal. A "retreat" is generally considered an appropriate tool for that purpose. Further, to fully benefit from a retreat, there are two prerequisites, viz., a deep desire to have a personal experience and the spirit of openness. This book serves as both a tool and a guide.