Anne, The Life of Ven. Anne de Guigne (1911-1922)

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Author: Benedictine Nun of Stanbrook Abbey, A Year: 2009
Publisher: Saint Benedict Press and Tan Boo Pages: 120
Binding: Paperback
Code: 1399

Anne began life as a bossy "little tyrant;" but at age four she turned her heart and will to the practice of perfect obedience. Shows her love; courtesy; intercession for "big sinners;" beautiful death at age 10. Declared in 1990 to have practiced "Heroic Virtue." With 9 illustrations. Impr. 120 pgs 9 Illus; PB

About The Author

The Stanbrook Abbey located in Wass, York, is the home of a group of Benedictine nuns, initially founded by seventeen-year-old Sister Gertrude More. The order originated in 1625, with the profession of nine young English exiles who vowed to follow St. Augustine Baker's interior search for God by training the mind, will and heart. The community began to develop under the rule of St. Benedict, and a permanent home was found at Stanbrook, England in 1838. The nuns are dedicated to the service of God and His Church in addition to contemplative prayer, nourished by the popular practice of Lectio Devina. The community moved in May 2009 to a monastery in Yorkshire and continues to strive to find the love of Christ in ordinary daily tasks.