A Tour of the Summa

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A Journey Through St. Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica

Author: Rt. Rev. Msgr. Paul J. Glenn Year: 2009
Publisher: Saint Benedict Press and Tan Boo Pages: 480
Binding: Hardcover
Code: 127
Dimension: 140 x 210

This unique synopsis of the Summa Theologica is a complete, chapter-by-chapter restatement of St. Thomas' work, intended to expose readers to the totality of St. Thomas' thought and yet be brief enough to fit into one volume. Author of eleven other books on philosophy, Msgr. Glenn brings to this work--by far his greatest--a lifetime of teaching and writing experience. A masterpiece in its own right.

About the author:

The Right Reverend Msgr. Paul J. Glenn, Ph.D. and S.T.D., was a priest and author of the twentieth century, whose titles include: A Tour of the Summa: A Journey Through St. Tomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica and Apologetics: A Philosophic Defense and Explanation of the Catholic Religion. His Tour of the Summa is a unique chapter-by-chapter synopsis of Aquinas' masterpiece, and in Apologetics, his purpose was to direct his readers towards the welfare of ideas that Catholics must face in modern society. Father Glenn also served as President of the College-Seminary of St. Charles Borromeo in Columbus, Ohio. His work was originally published in 1931 by the B. Herder Company, and also received the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur. Apologetics was republished by TAN Books in 1980.