A Spiritual Son is Born

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Our Story with Padre Pio of Pietrelcina

Author: Sanchez Campos, Fernando F
Publisher: St Pauls Manila Philippines Pages: 248
Binding: Paperback Expected Date: 20-09-2022
Code: 1000288

“This book, written in a non-traditional way, presents the dramatic and truly touching story of the author’s family, who comes to know the figure of the Saint of Pietrelcina and experiments, in a remarkable manner, the power, and effectiveness of his intecession.”

Fray Carlo Maria Laborde
Secretary General of the Prayer Groups of Padre Pio

“Thanking him (the author) for his moving filial testimony, we have the certainty that reading this book will produce abundant fruits of faith, hope, and ity, under the sanctity of the great Capuchin of Gargano.”

His Eminence Angelo Cardinal Amato
Prefect, Congregation for the Causes of Saints

“Every book on saints inspires us to love and follow Jesus Christ. Discipleship is the path to sanctity. The imitation of Jesus makes a person holy as the Son of God is holy. Padres Pio’s story contains details that may resonate with our own experiences. But the saints are special because they ‘incarnate’ St. Paul’s words, ‘It is no longer I that live, but Christ who lives in me’ (Gal 2:20). Holiness does not only bring a person closer to Jesus but also to those whom Jesus loves: the poor; the sick, the hungry, the homeless. Fernando and his family testify to this aspect of holiness acquired by Padre Pio from his teacher Jesus.”

His Eminence Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle
Archbishop of Manila

 TodayI repeatthe main feeling that springs forth from me is that of a deep gratitude to the Lord for having given us the chance to experience his presence... There is no prayer more powerful than that of a mother. I am a testimony to this.

Maria del Milagro Linares de Sanchez
mother of Fernando Felipe Sanchez Linares

The intercession of Padre Pio before our Lord Jesus Christ has brought innumerable miracles to the lives of many human beings. The case of little Fernando is a marvelous work... I encourage everyone to deposit their confidence in the "God of the impossibles"...

Father Gabriel Corrales
parish priest of Coronado, San Jose, Costa Rica

I have encountered in this book not only a narration of perceived and interpreted facts of a grateful father for what God has done in his life and in the lives of his son and family, but I also discover the liveliness and joy with which he shares his experience of God... A miracle that cannot be understood if it´s not from the perspective of faith in the Lord.

Msgr. Jose Rafael Quiros
Archbishop of San Jose, Costa Rica

About the Author:

This work is a “hymn” of faith and hope, and has been placed in your hands, thanks to the effort of many people, especially that of Dr. Fernando Sanchez. Fernando F. Sanchez Campos is a graduate of the University of Costa Rica in Political Science. He has a Master’s degree in Business Administration at INCAE (Instituto Centroamericano de Administracion de Empresas) Business School, Costa Rica. He obtained his Doctorate in Politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford, England. He has vast experience in the academic world as a professor, researcher, and conference speaker. He is also a politician, having served as a member of parliament in the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica. Currently he is the Ambassador of Costa Rica to the Holy See and to the Sovereign Order of Malta. He is also the Ambassador to the different agencies of the United Nations Organization in Rome such as the Food and Agricultural Organization, The World Food Programme, and the International Fund for Agricultural Development. A prolific writer, he has published seven books, several academic works, and constantly contributes with opinion articles in local news paper.