A Life Lived in Love, From Orphan to Advocate: An Autobiography by Brendan Scarce

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Author: Brendan Scarce Year: 2021
Publisher: St Pauls Publications Australi Pages: 240
Binding: Paperback

There was much in Brendan Scarce’s early life that should have crippled, even destroyed, him. But it didn’t. In a mysterious way, the early setbacks only served to make him the remarkable human being he has become. His weakness has become strength, as St Paul would say. This is because qualities of faith, humility, simplicity, courage and good humour combined to create an unusual resilience; and the suffering he knew gave birth to an unusual compassion. It also helped that he met and married a woman like Hilary, one of the stars of the story. This book tells of the extraordinary born at the heart of the ordinary. In that sense it’s a story not just about Brendan Scarce but about God in Brendan’s life. It’s a tale that invites each of us to open our eyes to see more of the extraordinary tale of God in our own lives. That’s why we say thanks to Brendan not only for writing his story, but for living a life that has, in its own way, become a parable.

Mark Coleridge, Archbishop of Brisbane

Includes 16 page colour insert