A Lenten Walk (Only $2.95)

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Author: Griffin, Most Rev. James A.
Publisher: Alba House New York Pages: 63
Binding: Paperback


These brief reflections based on the Gospel for each day of the Lenten season can easily be kept on one’s person, in a pocket or purse, or placed on a bedside table, near the refrigerator or next to the message pad close to the phone. They should serve as a daily reminder of one’s spiritual walk with the Lord during the season of Lent. The author recommends picking out a word or phrase which catches your attention, and then to apply it to your daily life, concluding with a personal prayer of your own.


About the Author: James A. Griffin, Bishop of Columbus, Ohio, has authored many books for Alba House, among them: The Priestly HeartReflections on the Law of LoveSackcloth and Ashes and Summary of the New Catholic Catechism.


Book: 63 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8189-0857-6
Prod. Code: 0857-2