A Conversation About Life

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Points of view on Reproductive Health

Author: Various
Publisher: Claretian Publications Pages: 378
Binding: Paperback
Code: CA-01008

 “In recent Philippine history, no bill or law in Congress has elicited so much passion than the recently passed RH Law. While the local institutional Catholic Church has doggedly opposed the law from its very beginning, many Catholics do not actually share its views and/or its approach to the issue. The book, A Conversation about Life, a collection of essays written by Catholics who want a more open discussion on the RH Law, presents a thoughtprovoking and critical response to issues raised by the law’s opponents. It provides a significant and timely contribution to an issue that is far from settled. While one may not agree with the contention of the book’s authors, the book serves as an invitation to truly engage in meaningful dialogue.”

– Ruben Mendoza, S.T.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Theology

Ateneo de Manila University