A Catholic Guide to the Bible (India)

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Author: Lukefahr, CM, Fr Oscar
Publisher: St Pauls Mumbai India Pages: 251
Binding: Paperback
Series: 978-81-7109-584-1

As a Catholic, what do you think of the Bible? Do you feel drawn to the Bible, and yet somewhat intimidated by it? When you try to read it, do you soon become discouraged by the Bible's many difficult passages, by page after page of strange names, by the stories which seem unrelated to your life, or by the frequent portrayal of unfamiliar customs and practices? Perhaps the sheer size of the book itself is overwhelming. A CATHOLIC GUIDE TO THE BIBLE is written to help readers overcome such obstacles. Drawing on more than 25 years experience as a priest and Catholic educator, author Father Oscar Lukefahr takes readers by the hand and gently guides them through the Bible. For each of the seventy-three biblical books, he offers pertinent historical background, information about the biblical author and the literary style of the work, and a theological interpretation of selected passages.

Thought-provoking activities and questions for individual reflection or group discussion reinforce the material presented in each chapter. Once you understand the basics of biblical scholarship and know how to turn to the Bible as the Word of God, it will speak to you through its pages. With this book as your guide, the Bible can become a treasured companion, a friend on your journey through life.