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Author: Anonymous Year: 2011
Publisher: Saint Benedict Press and Tan Boo Pages: 0
Binding: Paperback

Quizzes Setincludes:

Bible Quizzes: 86 Questions and Answers on the Bible--its history, various versions, Protestant vs. Catholic attitude toward it, its proper interpretation, the role of Tradition, etc. Every Catholic should be familiar with these basic apologetic questions, so they can defend the Faith whenever the modern world assaults it!
Purgatory Quizzes: 57 Questions and Answers on Purgatory--the doctrinal basis; evidence in Scripture and early Church; justice of; money for Masses; spiritual value of suffering for sin; Luther's error; etc. Arm yourself with the truth; and be able to refute the protestant errors you encounter all the time!
Confession Quizzes: 76 Questions and Answers on Confession--Scriptural basis, Confession in the early Church, the gift of healing in former Christian times, confessing to a mere man, confessing and sinning again, etc. Plus a conversion testimony from a former Baptist minister.
Marriage Quizzes: 116 Questions and Answers on Marriage--its indissolubility, impediments to marriage, remarriage of widows and widowers, the Pauline Privilege, separation, annulment, mixed marriages, the promise to raise all children Catholic, divorce and remarriage, apparent divorces of famous Catholics, Church law vs. civil law, etc.
Birth Prevention Quizzes: 79 Questions and Answers on artificial birth control--why the Catholic Church is against it, financial hardships of having children, danger of overpopulation, bachelor priests as unfit to teach against birth control, role of prayer and self-denial, danger to the mother's life, unfit parents, eugenic considerations, large families vs. higher standard of living and education, etc.
FREE! Eucharist Quizzes: 67 Questions and Answers on the Holy Eucharist--the Real Presence of Christ, Scriptural basis, Transubstantiation, the Mass as a sacrifice, Communion under one form, the state of grace as a requirement for receiving Communion, the results of frequent Communion, lack of spiritual improvement from frequent Communion, etc.