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Discovering the Hidden Reality
By Maloney, George (Author)
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Hidden Enemies of the Priesthood, The
By Cole, Basil (Author)
"Anger, Envy, Lust, Pride, Gluttony, Sloth and Covetousness are the seven capital or deadly sins. This study is meant to help priests and seminarians reckon with them in a healthy and faith-filled way." more information
$28.95 AUD
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Hidden In the Shadow of Love
By Hedley, Jocelyn (Author)
"The Story of Mother Theresa McLaughlin and Our Lady's Nurses for the Poor" more information
$24.95 AUD
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Hidden Manna, The
By O'Connor, Fr. James T. (Author)
"The Hidden Manna has become a classic on Eucharistic teaching. Now in a second edition, accompanied by a new introduction by Fr. Kenneth Baker, a new preface from the author, new material from John Paul II, and the original foreword" more information
$33.95 AUD
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Hidden Treasure
By St. Leonard of Port Maurice (Author)
"This book describes the great spiritual power of the Mass" more information
$19.50 AUD
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Passion of Jesus and Its Hidden Meaning
By Groenings, Rev. Fr. James (Author)
"The Passion of Jesus shows how every person in the world, whether he realizes it or not, is personally involved in the sufferings and death Jesus Christ." more information
$31.95 AUD
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Search For The Hidden Garden
By Smith, Sherry (Author)
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$23.50 AUD
The Hidden Life: The Collected Works of Edith Stein, vol. 4
By Stein, Edith (Author)
"Essays, Meditations, Spiritual Texts" more information
$33.50 AUD
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The Hidden Treasure - The Art of Searching Within
By Mendonca, Jose Tolentino (Author)
"It brings great joy to find a treasure. But, to find is not yet to hold. So often the spiritual life is taken up with the painstaking, prolonged, patient and earnest search for the One whom we have already found." more information
$19.95 AUD
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The Truth about Saint Joseph: Encountering the Most Hidden of Saints
By Meschler, Fr Maurice (Author)
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