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By: 'Annie Stewart' - 4th of January 2010

MEDIA RELEASE                                                 Monday 4 January  2010                                                     IMMEDIATE RELEASE


 Australian school leavers at risk of making life’s biggest mistake

  Thousands of Australian teenagers are about to make the biggest mistake of their lives, according to Dr Annie Stewart, a leading corporate coach and career management specialist.

 As last year’s Year 12s finalise their university courses, they are in danger of being forced into choosing a path that could eventually turn them into “50 year old career casualties.”

 “Young people are at risk of being driven by other people’s wishes, their own misplaced ambition or even a high ATAR into choosing something they are not passionate about and that won’t give them a fulfilling life,” says Dr Stewart, author of How to Find and Follow Your Calling.

 Dr Stewart says much of her career management work is dealing with the problems of people who are career casualties in their 40s and 50s.

 “They ask themselves: Why did I do that course? I hate my job, but it made my parents proud,” she says.

 “Young adults have just come through a very stressful and turbulent time, with trials, the HSC, then schoolies, new year celebrations and casual work.  Now they are expected to make the biggest decision of their lives."

 “They need to select a path that will allow them to do what they love. Their parents need to remember that too.”

 Dr Stewart says young adults should take some time out to stop and think about what they are feeling and what they are passionate about and allow that to guide them towards a fulfilling career.

 “A doctor who is in it for the money will have a less fulfilled life than a garbage collector driven by a commitment to the community.”

 Dr Annie Stewart, PhD is the author of How to Find and Follow Your Calling, a tool kit for choosing a rewarding and fulfilling career.

 Dr Stewart is available for interview.

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