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quite detailed and very appealing

By: 'Kevin Mark, Kairos' - 23rd of October 2008

Quality religious books for children can be hard to come by, so I’m pleased to present this addition by St Pauls Publications to its growing collection for Catholic families. The book has a durable hardcover binding and colour illustrations throughout.


The book, adapted from the French original, has stories from the Gospels. Each double page predominately features a painted illustration by Maite Roche; these are quite detailed and very appealing. A concise adaptation of the relevant biblical text is also presented. Like all good picture-story books, much of the story is communicated via the images, so those reading these books with children should take time to explore the details of the illustrations, rather than just read the words.


– Adapted from Kevin Mark, Review of ‘The Gospel for Little Children’ by Maite Roche in ‘Kairos Catholic Journal’ vol. 19, no. 18, 5 October 2008.


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