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Thank you, Fr James FitzPatrick for this admirable guide.

By: 'Fr Brian OLoughlin, Vicar General of Archdiocese of Perth' - 24th of July 2008

Fr James FitzPatrick OMI is a well-known West Australian Oblate priest who has roamed far from his Kalgoorlie roots.


He was ordained a priest in 1959 and had postgraduate studies in Rome, Paris and St Louis, USA.


He taught for 13 years and was then Director of the Catholic Enquiry Centre in Sydney, then worked at the Oblate General House in Rome where he worked on thirty-one causes of canonisation and is currently based in Melbourne.


Fr FitzPatrick’s skill as a teacher, and his skill as an evangeliser, shows through in this very helpful aid to prayer, devotion and meditation. ‘Prayers for the Journey’ is arranged so that it can be a means of prayer for each day of the year.


Each week has a theme, such as My Life of Faith, Courage in Life, Hope, Joy in the Lord, Peace, Advent, Lent, Prayers for others, for the sick.


The suggestions for use will help the pray-er to develop their own style of prayer.


The introduction contains helpful suggestions for those who are new to prayer.


They will find the author’s style engaging and encouraging.


As one example I offer the following:


‘Bless the efforts of scientists who work to overcome illness in our world. Enlighten their minds, strengthen their resolve, inspire their initiatives. May their efforts relieve pain and suffering, and restore good health. I ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.’


That’s just one example. Readers who buy the text will find many stimulants to their own prayer and the prayers of those to whom they give this help to prayer as a gift.


The hard cover makes it ideal for birthdays, anniversaries and many other special occasions.


The giver will know they have given something useful for every day of the year.


They may even have the comfort of knowing that the recipient is now praying, possibly even praying for them.


The price of $19.95 and the presentation on elegant paper with bright illustrations, makes an ideal spiritual accompaniment. Thank you, Fr James FitzPatrick for this admirable guide.


– Fr Brian O’Loughlin, Review of ‘Prayers for the Journey’ by James M. FitzPatrick, OMI in ‘The Record’, July 2008.



This book is ideally suited to modern busy laypeople.

By: 'Michael E Daniel' - 28th of January 2009

In our hectic and busy modern lives, it is often difficult to find time to pray; however, it is often more difficult to have a particular focus of prayer. This book is ideally suited to modern busy laypeople. It provides a good structure around which they can organise their prayer lives. Written by an oblate priest and itself the product of much prayerful reflection, ‘Prayers for the Journey’ is divided into the fifty-two weeks of the liturgical cycle and contains a prayer/thought for each day of the week.


Those weeks that correspond with liturgical seasons such as Lent and Easter naturally have themes appropriate to the season. However, the weeks that correspond to Ordinary Time are dedicated to particular themes. For example, the focus of week twenty-six is the sick; week twenty-nine, sacramental life; and week thirty-one, ‘hard days’. Thus, the author has tried to encompass not only the major mysteries of the faith but also real life experiences in this volume of reflections. Each prayer is written with the aim that the person praying it reflect carefully over each line. The beauty of each prayer/reflection is that people who have only a short period of prayer in their busy lives would find this series of prayers just as useful a basis of prayer and meditation as those who are able to devote a more extended period – such as half an hour – to prayer and meditation.


– Adapted from Michael E. Daniel, Review of ‘Prayers for the Journey’ by James M. FitzPatrick, OMI in ‘The Australasian Catholic Record’, vol. 86, no. 1 (Jan 2009).


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