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..extend the joy of Easter in our daily lives

By: 'Lesley Maher, The Catholic Weekly' - 29th of March 2009

‘50 Days of Glory’ by James M. FitzPatrick is a valuable resource to help us enter fully into the spirituality of the joyous season of Easter. Through scripture and reflection, meditation and prayers of thanksgiving, we are reminded that these 50 days are days of great celebration, that they are the culmination of events that lead us into a brighter light still, without which Christ’s story would be incomplete. They are days of prayer, days of glory and days in which our spirits exult.


The illustrations by Dorothy Woodward RSJ are truly inspirational in their simplicity. They begin with the empty tomb and culminate with the image of the Holy Spirit descending on the disciples.


For many of us the joy of Easter begins and ends on Easter Sunday. Very quickly we are back into the mundane routine that Monday morning inevitably brings. ‘50 Days of Glory’ will help us to extend the joy of Easter in our daily lives, as we walk with the risen Christ and rejoice in his unconditional love of us.


– Excerpt from Lesley Maher, Review of ‘50 Days of Glory’ by James M. FitzPatrick, OMI in ‘The Catholic Weekly’, 29 March 2009.

..unpretentious little book

By: 'Madonna magazine' - 10th of August 2009

This unpretentious little book contains fourteen short meditations on the Easter appearances of Jesus to his disciples. A brief passage from the Gospel is followed by a few comments situating the passage in the Gospel, a brief passage from John’s Gospel to meditate on, two or three questions to put to our own lives, and a concluding prayer.

Each meditation offers a good starter for prayer, and together they help shape the reflective time that leads to Pentecost.


– Excerpt from review of James M. FitzPatrick OMI’s ‘50 Days of Glory’ in ‘Madonna’, July/August 2009. readers to focus on the fruits of the death and resurrection of Jesus

By: 'Nora Jonkers' - 31st of May 2009

’50 Days of Glory’ is a book of meditations on the final words and acts of Jesus before he returned to the Father in heaven and covers the days of glory, from Easter to Pentecost.


There are 14 meditations: the Risen Lord, the women and the angels, Peter and John at the tomb, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Jesus in the midst of his disciples, the unbelief of the disciples, Jesus and Thomas, appearances to many, on the road to Emmaus, Jesus at the Sea of Tiberias, the healing of Peter, the disciples sent forth, the Ascension of Christ and the Spirit at Pentecost.


Each meditation consists of a Scripture reading, reflection, meditation, thanksgiving prayer and thought-provoking illustration prepared by Sr Dorothy Woodward, RSM.


The meditations will help readers to focus on the fruits of the death and resurrection of Jesus and can be used for personal or communal devotion.


– Nora Jonkers, Review of ‘50 Days of Glory’ by James M. FitzPatrick, OMI in ‘The Catholic Weekly’, 31 May 2009.


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