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Collection of ecclesiastical documents

By: 'Kevin Mark, Compass' - 4th of August 2009

Second edition of a work first published in India in 2000. Collection of ecclesiastical documents regarding the scriptures, from the second century to a statement by Pope Benedict XVI in 2006. Includes opening chapters providing background information on the interpretation of such documents and their varying authority, and an historical overview. The texts are presented chronologically, are dated and include brief introductory notes. For this edition the introduction and background section have been extensively revised and 14 documents added, including the full text of four major documents by the Pontifical Biblical Commission form the period 1983 to 2001.


Footnotes; index of scripture texts; index of subject and names; index of Latin names of documents.


Author is graduate of the Gregorian University and the Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome. On returning to Australia he lectured in biblical studies for 18 years, and was elected Provincial Superior of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart in 1974. He was Assistant General in Rome 1981-93 and now lives in India.

– Kevin Mark, Review of ‘The Church and the Bible’ by Dennis Murphy, MSC in ‘Compass’ vol. 43, no.2 (Winter 2009


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