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Benedict of Bavaria: Portrait of a Pope
By Pursell, Brennan (Author)
"Highlighting a little-known personal side of Pope Benedict XVI, this book places him in the context of his homeland, Bavaria - a place which Brennan Pursell has come to know well through extensive travel and study over the last 12 years. Explore the extraordinary brilliance of Pope Benedict's mind and the universality of his vocation within the context of his identity as a simple Bavarian son. Includes color photos and a rare look at a day in the life of the Pope." more information

Category: Saints & Biographies

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Launch into the Deep
By Bannon, Fr. Anthony (Author)
"This book is the next best thing to going on a retreat to discern your vocation. Based on retreat talks Fr. Bannon gave to college students exploring their own vocation to the priestly and religious life, each meditation begins with a Scripture passage and draws you into a personal conversation with Christ, inviting Him to work in your soul." more information

Category: Scriptural Reflection,Catechism, Catechesis, RCIA & RE

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Meditations for Mothers: 12 Reflections from The Better Part
"Father Bartunek selected these 12 reflections from his best seller The Better Part -- incorporating Gospel readings, original commentaries and other aids to prayer and contemplation -- especially to nourish faithful family women. Each meditation is fortified with a full life's supply of spiritual sustenance, formulated just for mothers." more information

Category: Family

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New Fundamentalists
By Brandenburg, Fr. Daniels (Author)
"This book is for seriously open-minded people. This is not a book about liberal or conservative positions, Democrat or Republican, left or right. This is a book for thoase who worry about the current situation of our world, see the need for changes, and want to do something about it. The problems that confront out society run deeper than just conservative/liberal discussions; they are complex, just as the solutions are. " more information

Category: Spirituality

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