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Butler's Saint for the Day Hardcover
By Burns, Paul (Author)
"Enrich each day with models for Christian living drawn from the authoritative 12 volume Butler's Lives of the Saints. Adapted into a single volume for daily devotional reading, Butler's Saint for the Day features the life of one saint or blessed for each day of the year." more information

Category: Saints & Biographies

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Catholic Social Justice
By Cullen, Philomena; Hoose, Bernard; Mannion, Gerard (Author)
"This book draws together a distinguished panel of academics and practitioners involved in the pursuit of social justice." more information

Category: Moral Values & Ethics,Catholic Schools, Academics

$39.95 AUD
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Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church
By Keenan, James F. (Author)
"On July 8-11, 2006, the first ever truly International Congress of Roman Catholic Ethicists occurred in Padua (see Four hundred Roman Catholic ethicists from all over the world met to exchange ideas, not under the aegis of the Roman Catholic Church, but under the patronage of a Dutch foundation and UNESCO. These ethicists, caught up in their own specific cultures, recognize the need to confront the challenge of pluralism; to dialogue from and beyond local cultures; and to interconnect within a world church, not dominated solely by a northern paradigm.While many of these ethicists knew of their conference colleagues by reputation and from their writings, this is the first opportunity most will have to meet face to face and engage in cross-cultural dialogue within their discipline. This book explores and discusses further the ideas sparked by this conference." more information

Category: Moral Values & Ethics

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Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church
By Pontifical Council for Justice (Author)
"Through landmark encyclicals issued by popes since Rerum Novarum, the Church has built up a wide-ranging body of teaching on justice, equality and human rights. This compendium will introduce and explain all these documents." more information

Category: Church Documents & Teachings

$36.99 AUD
Layman's Missal, The
"This new edition of the Missal is the 1962 edition, authorised by Pope John XXIII, before the start of The Second Vatican Council." more information

Category: Liturgical Resources

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Mary: The Complete Resource
By Boss, Sarah Jane (Author)
"Mary's unique position as the bearer of Christ makes Marian studies a necessary feature of the study of Chrstianity." more information

Category: Mary,General Resources,Gift Books and Products,Catechism, Catechesis, RCIA & RE,Theology,Gift Giving for Women

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The Ceremonies of The Roman Rite Described
By Adran Fl, J.B.O'Connell, Alcuin Reid (Author)
"This fifteenth edition, revised in the light of Pope Benedict XVI's reforms and expanded and corrected throughout, includes a new chapter on the music of solemn and sung Mass as well as clarifications of recent questions. Descriptions of the rites of pontifical, solemn and low Mass, Vespers, the liturgical year including Holy Week, the sacraments, Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, funerals, episcopal visitation and more are included." more information

Category: Liturgical Resources

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