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Who Is The Holy Spirit?
By Van Reken, Ruth and Knuckles, Barbara (Author)
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Category: Bible Studies,Holy Spirit

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Why Be Catholic?
By Madrid, Patrick (Author)
"The popular blogger and publisher of Envoy magazine offers 10 key reasons why he loves being Catholic (and you should too)." more information

Category: Church, Faith, Mission & Explanations,Catechism, Catechesis, RCIA & RE,Apologetic

$37.95 AUD
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Why Catholicism Matters
By Donohue, William (Author)
"The most visible representative of the Catholic Church in the United States shows how the Church is far from being an ossified carry-over tradition from antiquity. Why Catholicism Matters celebrates the significant contribution the Church makes in many aspects of today's world and applies its wisdom to issues on a personal, national, and global scale." more information

Category: General Resources

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