ST PAULS - In the Beginning: A Catholic Scientist Explains How God Made Earth Our - Verschuuren, Dr. Gerard M

In the Beginning: A Catholic Scientist Explains How God Made Earth Our

By Verschuuren, Dr. Gerard M (Author)
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The taste of fresh berries, the quiet cadence of waves lapping a lakeshore, the song of an owl in the night, the glory of a sunset: so many details manifest the reality that Earth is not merely the place where we are, but that it is truly our home and is meant to be our home.

Most modern scientists dismiss this notion as romantic nonsense, arguing instead that Earth and, indeed, the entire universe is actually a cosmic accident, the mystifying result of billions of years of random events.

Here in this work of basic science written for nonspecialists, scientist Gerard Verschuuren confronts those men and women on their own territory force for force, atom for atom, cell for cell, and even planet for planet.

With clear, well-documented explanations, he shows that the latest findings of modern cosmology, physics, chemistry, geology, and other sciences tell a remarkably different story. Instead of the vaunted randomness of our immense universe, scientists have recently discovered indisputable patterns in the structures of matter and energy. Over the eons, these distinctive patterns drove the universe inexorably toward formation of the Earth as what we experience it to be: our secure, exceptional, and singularly welcoming home.

In these pages, you'll learn, among other things:

  • Why the universe is so old . . . and so vast!
  • Earth's unique chemical and geological characteristics that make it a hospitable place for mankind
  • How the moon became critical to life on Earth
  • How volcanism, mass extinctions, and even changes in the Earth's orbit prepared the way for mankind
  • Evidence that evolutionary changes are not, as the atheists claim, random
  • Why the Catholic Church has always distinguished the Book of Scripture from the Book of Nature
  • How science presupposes the existence of God without even realizing it!
  • The limitations of the scientific method and how those limitations trip up scientists
  • The many hidden, unscientific dogmas of science
  • The errors of Stephen Hawking and other popular cosmologists
  • Why science wrongly denies that the universe was made for mankind
  • Evidence that we live in a purpose-driven world (and why science is blind to it)
  • And much more!

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Title:In the Beginning: A Catholic Scientist Explains How God Made Earth Our
Author:Verschuuren, Dr. Gerard M
Paperback192 pages
Publisher:Sophia Institute Press


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