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Go to Heaven

A Spiritual Road Map to Eternity

By Sheen, Archbishop Fulton J. (Author)
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Why is it, asks Bishop Fulton Sheen, that one hears so often the expression Go to hell! and almost never the expression "Go to heaven!" Here, at his most penetrating, challenging, and illuminating best is Bishop Sheen with his answer, in a book that breathes new meaning into the truths about heaven and hell, and new life into the concepts of faith, tolerance, love, prayer, suffering, and death.

Beginning with "The First Faint Summons to Heaven," Sheen shows how unpopular it is today to be a true Christian, and describes the struggle for living our faith amid the disorders of our times.  Keenly aware of evil in the myriad forms it takes in today's world, Bishop Sheen writes about the constant battle man faces with the "seven pallbearers of character" - pride, avarice, envy, lust, anger, gluttony and sloth - linking them with the corrosive forces that never cease in their attacks on the Church and those who earnestly desire to be serious Christians.

In Go to Heaven, a great spiritual teacher and writer, deeply aware of the human and spiritual conflicts being waged in the world, shows us the way to heaven in a most eloquent book, encouraging the reader to choose heaven now, and to understand the "reality of hell."

Archbishop Fulton Sheen was one of the most celebrated churchmen of the twentieth century. He wrote over sixty books, and his radio and television programs drew an audience of thirty million listeners. His many other books include Life Is Worth LivingThe World's First Love, and Through the Year with Fulton Sheen.

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Title:Go to Heaven
Author:Sheen, Archbishop Fulton J.
Paperback250 pages
Publisher:Ignatius Press


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