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Saint John Neumann: Missionary (ESS)

By Brown FSP, Laura Rhoderica (Author)
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Kids ages 8 to 11 can learn about the life of St. John Neumann, the holy man who is the only canonized North American bishop. From very early in his life, John wishes to learn more and grow closer to God. Finishing his studies in his European homeland, he wants nothing more than to be a missionary priest in America. When his ordination is delayed, John sets out for America, relying on God's providence. God watches over John on his many adventures as he travels from Europe to America and becomes a Redemptorist priest. Later, when Pope Pius IX assigns him as the fourth bishop of Philadelphia, he journeys throughout his new diocese to meet people face-to-face.

Listening to the needs of his flock, many of whom were immigrants, he built thirty churches, started the Catholic school system, and was greatly loved by all.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Illustrates love of God's people
  • Includes a prayer, pronunciation guide, and glossary
  • Demonstrates mercy for immigrants
  • Shows zeal for a priestly vocation
  • Demonstrates the value of education
  • Shows missionary evangelization in action
  • Great for home, classroom, or libraries

About the Author:

Laura Rhoderica Brown, FSP, loves her community's mission of evangelization. She has served God's people from coast to coast for over 30 years in the Pauline Book & Media centers and has conducted numerous JClub school book fairs in Catholic schools as well as parish exhibits. It is in helping people and in a special way children find the right book that draws them closer to Jesus that gives her life. She believes that the saints are powerful models in our secular world, providing us and our children with real heroes. St. John Neumann became one of Sr. Laura's heroes during her six years of ministry in Philadelphia and led her to write Saint John Neumann: Missionary to Immigrants. She holds an MA in Theology & Pastoral Ministry from Franciscan University.

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Title:Saint John Neumann: Missionary (ESS)
Author:Brown FSP, Laura Rhoderica
Paperback152 pages
Publisher:Pauline Books & Media
Dimensions:114 x 178 mm


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