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Anthony: Words of Fire, Life of Light Colouring Book

By Nugent, Madeline Pecora (Author)
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About this Book:

Saint Anthony of Padua and Lisbon, one of Christianity's best-loved saints, is a man of many titles: glory of the Franciscan Order, star of sanctity, hammer of heretics, comforter of the afflicted, counselor of the erring, miracle worker.

Who is the man behind the praise?
How did the people of his time view him?

Anthony: Words of Fire, Life of Light is an exciting novelized biography of the life and times of Saint Anthony.

Through detailed research and the actual words of St. Anthony, the author takes the reader on an imaginative journey into the lives and spiritual struggles of people who lived with, confided in, heeded, or defied this holy Franciscan. In meeting those whose lives Anthony touched, the reader will come to love this saint.


What Are People Saying about this Title?

"An exciting insight into Anthony of Padua and Lisbon as a reformer and enlightener of his time. Madeline presents Anthony as a most human vessel of Gospel truth, bringing many to Christ to renew the Church in his love. Based on Anthony's sermons and his passionate love for Jesus, this book shows that Anthony's words are just as true today as the day he preached to the fish! And they listened." 
Rev. Leonard Tighe

"Madeline Pecora Nugent has skillfully recreated the life and message of Saint Anthony of Padua and Lisbon. This book is an artistically crafted blend of his sermons and modern day issues on faith, morality, and social problems. The author uses personal encounters of colorful medieval characters, both factual and fictional. Her book will not only touch your soul, but will also cause it to blossom anew." 
Rev. Jack Hoak, OFM

"Anthony: Words of Fire, Life of Light is one of the most fantastic and beautiful books I've ever read. It is a very well researched and realistic account, skillfully written, the most complete work I've ever read on the saint." 
Joseph Matose, artist

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Title:Anthony: Words of Fire, Life of Light Colouring Book
Author:Nugent, Madeline Pecora
Publisher:Pauline Books & Media


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