ST PAULS - Walk in the Light of the Lord: A Thought a Day for Advent and Christmastide - Buetow, Rev Harold A.

Walk in the Light of the Lord: A Thought a Day for Advent and Christmastide

By Buetow, Rev Harold A. (Author)
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A Thought a Day for Advent and Christmastide

As these reflections point out, we will find it spiritually advantageous at the beginning of the liturgical year to ask ourselves some questions that are pertinent to the seasons of Advent and Christmas. In the year just ended have I become cold, indifferent, or lazy toward God and the needs of others? Have I been reverent? Do I try to recognize the presence of God in the Eucharist, in the scriptures, and in other people, especially the poor? Is my life a living song of praise for the goodness of God? Is His holiness reflected in the purity of my life - my activities, my relationships, my clothing, my decisions? Do I make room for silence and recollection in my daily life? Am I generous in sharing my time, talents, and resources? What is the key source of power in my life: God, or myself? Do I rejoice in the light of Christ, or in the deceiving lights offered by the world? Do I let my light shine before the world for God's glory? Taking his cue from the liturgical readings of the day, Father Buetow guides us through our deliberations and helps us find some answers. 

About the Author: 

Father Harold A. Buetow is well-known for the extraordinary library of homily materials that he has penned for Alba House: Pastoral Talks for Special Occasions (for New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, Graduations, Civil Observances, etc.); his 3-volume series of Sunday Homilies: God Still Speaks: Listen! (Cycle A); All Things Made New (Cycle B); and Ode to Joy (Cycle C); his 3-volume series of Weekday Homilies: Thirst for Life (weeks 1-9); The New out of the Old (weeks 10-21); and Rejoicing in Hope (weeks 22-34 of Ordinary Time);Embrace Your Renewal (A Thought a Day for the Weekdays of Lent); and Life out of Death (A Thought a Day for the Weekdays of Easter).

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Title:Walk in the Light of the Lord: A Thought a Day for Advent and Christmastide
Author:Buetow, Rev Harold A.
Paperback192 pages
Publisher:Alba House New York


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