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Tweet Others as You Would Wish to be Tweeted

A Scripture-based Guide to Social Media for the Church

By Doherty, Beth / Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (Author)
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social media n. websites and other online means of communication that are used by large groups of people to share information and to develop social and professional contacts.

There is a new lexicon that has developed that, as a Church, we can use for greater good. We are in the era of the social media. The Acts of the Apostle tells us that the first Christians all lived in common, sharing what they had, building the Kingdom of God. Words such as communion, communication, community, all come from that same root, ‘common’.

This is a book about social media for people in the Church, written under the auspices of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference. ‘What I hope to do with this resource’, says the author, ‘is create a basic guide for Christians who seek to use social media for the greater glory of God, but who may have no idea where to start.’

This book is written for those who are looking to start out in social media. It is not a manual, and as such may not answer all of the reader’s technical questions. It is rather a guide based in scripture. It looks at Church teaching and ways in which we can use social media for prayer, evangelisation and the promotion of justice.

At the end of each chapter, there are tips that will readers get started. By the end of the book, they will feel confident to take their place as pilgrims on the digital continent.

Key features

• Focuses on seven of the most-used social media.

• Offers ways to use social media to promote the Church’s message of Good News.

• Reflections from scripture on the use and impact of social media.

• Encouragement for beginners in the parish or school.

• Examples of programs and applications that will be of use to church workers.

• References to papal and other church documents on using social media.

• Guides to the ethical use of social media and information on pitfalls and dangers

The author

Beth Doherty finished a degree in journalism and worked as an editorial assistant to the social commentary magazine Eureka Street. She pursued a commitment to social justice in working with communities in Australia, Cambodia and Paraguay. Working overseas meant developing her use of digital media to communicate with family, friends and colleagues back home, to raise funds and to spread a message. On her return to Australia in 2009, she began working as Communications Officer for the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.

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Title:Tweet Others as You Would Wish to be Tweeted
Author:Doherty, Beth / Australian Catholic Bishops Conference
Paperback96 pages
Publisher:David Lovell
Dimensions:230 x 152 mm


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