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Holy Spirit, in Theology and Spirituality, The

By Gomez SJ, Felipe (Author)
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After a brief presentation of Pneumatology, that is, the theology about the Holy Spirit, the book examines the process of relevation of the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity, First in the Old Testament in an inchoative way and finally, in New Testament, both in the person of Jesus and in the birth and infancy of the Church. By his very nature, the Spirit is “Faceless,” so that “revelation” is here more mysterious than in any other aspect of the Divine Reality and therefore, the human words used in the texts are more obscure or ambiguous. But the Spirit is guiding the Church to the Full truth, so the book follows the path the Doctrine through the Fathers and theologians, until the modern understanding of the Person and attributes of the Spirit.
In practical life, the Spirit is the divine dynamism that animates the Church, both as hierarchical and ismatic. A Christian being a “creature of the spirit,” the book studies his activities in spiritual life, especially through his gifts and isms. Finally, the Creator Spirit is active in nature and history, especially in life and beauty. The book gives, therefore, a comprehensive view of the Divine Spirit, both theoretical and practical. More than in any other chapter of theology, here all questions remain open-ended. A short bibliography invites the reader to further explorations of the matter.

About the Author:

FELIPE GOMEZ,S.J. was born in Spain in 1925. He obtained a License in Philosophy in France and Doctrane in Theology in Rome, at the Gregorian University. He taught Theology at the Faculty of Dalat, Vietnam, and, after his expulsion by the communists, he teaches in the East Asian Pastoral Institute, Quezon City, Philippines. He has authored six books in Vietnamese and two in English, this being the third one.



Title:Holy Spirit, in Theology and Spirituality, The
Author:Gomez SJ, Felipe
Paperback271 pages
Publisher:St Pauls Manila Philippines
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