ST PAULS - Soul Provider:Spiritual Steps to Limitless Love - Beck Edward,L.

Soul Provider:Spiritual Steps to Limitless Love

By Beck Edward,L. (Author)
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This contemporary look at the seventh-century classic The Ladder of Divine Ascent brilliantly illuminates the enduring relevance of centuries-old spiritual concepts.

In The Ladder of Divine Ascent, Saint John Climacus described the thirty steps all seekers must take on the path to spiritual fulfillment. In Soul Provider, Edward L. Beck brings a fresh, modern sensibility to this classic work of Christian literature and its ideas, explaining how they relate to our lives today. 

Using real-life stories and experiences and incorporating all of the major religious traditions, Beck shows how the thirty steps lead to a deeper understanding of the ideas that guide our journeys, provide for our souls, and draw us closer to God. Beginning each chapter with an illustrative anecdote, Beck explains the significance of each of the steps, discussing its importance in Christian tradition and offering thoughtful, inspiring ways to incorporate it into present-day spiritual journeys.


Advance Praise for Soul Provider"Father Edward L. Beck's Soul Provider explains the steps of a classic spiritual guidebook in a way that is apt for the modern world and attractive and useful to readers interested in making their lives meaningful. Anyone can apply these instructions about what to give up and what to adopt, whatever their own personal faith, or, indeed, even if they have none. Here is clear evidence of the role religion can play in promoting basic human good qualities such as love, compassion, tolerance, and forgiveness in the world today."  --His Holiness the Dalai LamaPraise for Unlikely Ways Home“Edward Beck’s book . . . is not about abstract theory but about the concrete lives of real people with real problems. It is hoped Father Beck tells more stories like these.” —Andrew Greeley, New York Times bestselling author“Father Beck has not only written eloquent stories about faith, but life. And the journeys that carry us on so many varied paths toward hope.” —Diane Sawyer, ABC News“Father Beck has assembled a beautiful collection of stories from real people with real problems and real faith.” —The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)

Praise for God Underneath

"A graceful and gracious work of self-revelation and spiritual wisdom." -Los Angeles Times"Edward Beck is one heck of a writer, and this gem of a book is not to be will not be able to put this book down." -Dallas Morning News

Soul Provider explores the connections between “old” spiritual notions and spirituality as it is practiced and expressed in modern culture. As Beck deftly weaves the past and the present, he reveals the true path to the limitless love we all desire.

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Title:Soul Provider:Spiritual Steps to Limitless Love
Author:Beck Edward,L.
Trade Paperback304 pages
Publisher: (2007)


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