ST PAULS - Padre Pio: Glimpse into the Miraculous - Cataneo, Pascal

Padre Pio: Glimpse into the Miraculous

By Cataneo, Pascal (Author)
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OUT OF PRINT (possible reprint 2019)

Referred to as a "surgeon of souls," Saint Pio of Pietrelcina brought the Good News of Jesus to people near and far, inspiring their individual conversions, but also causing chains of transformations. Crowds flocked to him to have their confessions heard, to be at his Mass, or to simply be surrounded by his presence.

Written by Pascal Cataneo-a fellow priest and contemporary of Padre Pio-this collection contains Padre Pio's encounters with countless people from all walks of life and the personal accounts of their spiritual transformations. From bilocation, to psychic abilities, to health cures, to an untaught multilingualism, to an unexplainable perfume scent, Padre Pio was blessed with many unique gifts that stirred peoples' consciences, awakened their faith, and changed their lives. Stories and quotes from conversations between Padre Pio and his visitors capture these miraculous episodes.

Whether you are a fan of Padre Pio, enjoy miracle stories, want to encounter the Franciscan tradition, or are interested in supernatural phenomenon, you will be intrigued by this book. In these pages, you will find rare glimpses of God working concretely in the lives of ordinary people through the words and presence of Saint Pio.

You will also be offered a window into the biographical elements of Padre Pio's life, including the aura of mystery surrounding the stigmata on his hands and feet. But this book extends beyond biographical facts into Cataneo's inclusion of his personal experiences with Padre Pio, offering you a more intimate reading experience. Such a unique perspective reveals the many sides of this Capuchin friar's personality-his humility, his directness, and his humor. By connecting the ordinary with the supernatural, you are shown that the miraculous is possible in this world…and in yourlife.

Features & Benefits:

  • Authored by an eye-witness and personal friend of Padre Pio
  • Integrates true accounts with biographical details
  • Provides human interest stories

Out of Print.



Title:Padre Pio: Glimpse into the Miraculous
Author:Cataneo, Pascal
PB192 pages
Publisher:Alba House New York (2013)


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