ST PAULS - Creating a Christian Lifestyle-Revised - Koch, Carl

Creating a Christian Lifestyle-Revised

Student Text

By Koch, Carl (Author)
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The senior year of high school is an especially significant time for young men and women who are shaping their goals and hopes for the future. Creating a Christian Lifestyle is a comprehensive course that addresses issues relevant to all states of life from a Christian perspective, treating them as foundational to any examination of single life, marriage, religious life, and ordained ministry.

The structure of this student text is somewhat different from most books about lifestyles that are intended for use with seniors. Five chapters (chapters 11-15) are devoted to the specific lifestyle paths, but the larger portion of the book focuses on life themes that are common to all of these paths: identity and autonomy, love, communication, sexuality, friendship, creativity and learning, work, money and possessions, and suffering and healing.

Early in each chapter are thought-provoking stories, poems, or examples that can lead students into a discussion of the topic that follows. Engaging activities that invite reflection, discussion, and journal writing are interspersed throughout the margins of the student text. The full-color lively design and over fifty outstanding, original artworks by studentshelp stimulate students' interest and illustrate the content.

Teaching manual:The student text was designed to be fully supported by the thorough resources in its companion teaching manual.

Grade level: Creating a Christian Lifestyleis developed for use with twelfth-grade students in a one-semester course.

Award: Creating a Christian Lifestylewon the 1996 Certificate of Merit for the Premier Print Award from the Printing Industries of America. Chosen from thousands of entries, the Premier Print Award goes to those firms who demonstrate a unique ability to create visual masterpieces.

Additional resources
The Vocations seriesis for young adults who are considering the various Christian lifestyles that best fit their personality and talents and who are discerning the vocation to which God is calling them. A married couple, a priest, a sister, a brother, and a single person help young adults answer the fundamental questions "Who am I?" and "How am I uniquely called to live in the world?"

Waking Up Bees: Stories of Living Life's Questions is a collection of ten short stories for young adults that vividly portray people who are wrestling with important life issues--love, work, money, suffering, communication, vocation, and more. The companion Leader's Guide includes cross references to themes covered in the student text Creating a Christian Lifestyle.


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Title:Creating a Christian Lifestyle-Revised
Author:Koch, Carl
PB320 pages
Publisher:Saint Mary's Press (1996)
CBPC Code:BU010212


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