ST PAULS - Healing Groups: A Practical Guide for Christian Leaders - Kofler, Len

Healing Groups: A Practical Guide for Christian Leaders

By Kofler, Len (Author)
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All leaders have a group entrusted to them, which they must guide and serve. This is true of family groups, businesses, hospitals, schools, parishes and seminaries, as well as in the political arena. All groups experience conflicts; some of these begin with the disposition, life history and attitudes of individual members, some emerge between factions within the group, others occur when there are problems between one group and a rival group, while many are produced by the nature of society. The worst conflicts lead to war. The success of the group depends largely on the qualities and skills possessed by the leader, particularly those concerned with dealing with these conflicts, which need to be transformed if real progress is to be made.

Healing Groups is a practical guide to good Christian leadership. It explores and explains the skills and discipline of counselling and of counselling groups, paying particular attention to the character and techniques required by any leader. Every leader has, to some extent, to be a counsellor. Our model for good leadership is Jesus Christ, while our model for the group is the Blessed Trinity.

Not every section of the book will be of equal interest to every leader or potential leader, yet most of it is relevant to all. It provides extensive suggestions for training, and includes a continuous programme for the development of leadership skills. It is, therefore, a detailed practical guide, as well as a scholarly exploration of the theories of leadership. It is a manual for those wishing to improve their leadership abilities and style, and it is a companion volume to Len Kofler's book, Healing Relationships



Title:Healing Groups: A Practical Guide for Christian Leaders
Author:Kofler, Len
PB368 pages
Publisher:St Pauls Distribution UK (2011)
Dimensions:216 x 135 mm


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