ST PAULS - Sister Wendy Contemplates Saint Paul in Art OOPOCT19 - Beckett, Sr Wendy

Sister Wendy Contemplates Saint Paul in Art OOPOCT19

By Beckett, Sr Wendy (Author)
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Sixteen centuries of Christian art and history are covered by the 40 images of St Paul that Sister Wendy has chosen to lead us into the minds of the artists and into the very heart of St Paul.

The images and commentaries are divided into two groups - the first showing illustrations of St Paul's life and the second concentrating on his personality.

With the critical insight of an artist, Sr Wendy brings alive these pictures of St Paul. Through her deep knowledge of scripture she helps us to use the pictures to bring out key themes in his life and writings. Inspired by her contemplative life spent close to God, she is able to bring these two things together and thus enrich our lives as we strive, like St Paul, to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.

"Here is a selection of what seems to me the finest and most insightful pictures of St Paul, chosen so that we can enjoy the art as art, and as a signifier of some spiritual truth." (Sr Wendy)

Among the pictures included in the book are:
St Paul by Andrea Vanni
The Stoning of Stephen by Adam Elsheimer
The Conversion of Saint Paul by Caravaggio
Saul Before the Proconsul by Raphael
St Paul Preaching at Ephesus by Eustache Le Sueur
St Paul in Prison by Rembrandt
The Ecstasy of St Paul by Nicolas Poussin
St Paul Enthroned by Domenico Beccafumi
St Paul by El Greco
Icon of St Paul by Andrei Rublev
St Paul Writing by Pier Francesco Sacchi



Title:Sister Wendy Contemplates Saint Paul in Art OOPOCT19
Author:Beckett, Sr Wendy
HC176 pages
Publisher:St Pauls Distribution UK


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