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Why the Mass Matters... eBook edition (Gerard Moore)

By Moore, Gerard (Author)

eBook edition:

How do we pray our way through the Mass? What does the celebration require of us? How do its various parts touch us, change us, place our hearts in God’s hands? Why the Mass Matters addresses these questions and more as it awakens believers to the lively spirit of the liturgy. This readable book will enable Sunday worshippers, catechists, parish liturgy team members and youth groups to understand the Mass more fully and to appreciate its history and power.

Professor Gerard Moore is Principal and CEO of Broken Bay Institute – The Australian Institute of Theological Education. Gerard has taught theology and liturgy for many years, published widely, and been a keen advocate of adult faith education.

Publisher’s Note: For this eBook edition, no changes have been made to the author’s text that received the Ecclesiastical approval in 2004, other than to replace two quotes from the 2002 edition of the General Instruction on the Roman Missal (GIRM) with the quotes contained in the later (2007) approved edition of the GIRM. Likewise, one quote from Eucharistic Prayer III has been replaced with the text found in the Third Typical Edition of the Roman Missal approved for use in 2011.

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Title:Why the Mass Matters... eBook edition (Gerard Moore)
Author:Moore, Gerard
eBook156 pages
Publisher:St Pauls Publications Australia (2020)


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