ST PAULS - We Are the Lord's: A Catholic Guide to Difficult End of Life Questions - Fr. Jeffrey Kirby, STD

We Are the Lord's: A Catholic Guide to Difficult End of Life Questions

By Fr. Jeffrey Kirby, STD (Author)
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No one likes to think about death and many are not ready for it, either as the patient or a loved one. And yet, the dying process is oftentimes marked by an array of diverse and confusing questions that can catch anyone off guard.

What are we supposed to do?

We Are the Lord's is a succinct, quick-reference guide to difficult end-of-life questions, framed by divine wisdom and Church teaching. Its easy-to-read chapters and question-and-answer format can be a welcomed help to any person or family who are searching for answers during a difficult and traumatic time.

We Are the Lord's answers such questions as:
  • What's the difference between medical care and medical treatment?
  • Are pain medications okay? How much is too much?
  • What should I do if my loved one refuses to eat or drink?
  • When is it okay to suspend nutrition and hydration?
  • What to do if medical personnel pressure you to accept treatment that you feel is not morally acceptable?
  • Is a breathing tube considered "extraordinary care"?
  • Is a breathing tube morally different from a feeding tube?
  • How do I know when it's okay to let go and stop treatment of my loved one?
  • How to handle challenging situations concerning DNR ("do not resuscitate").
  • How do I handle the guilt of making a decision that ended a person's life?
  • ...and more
This book is an invaluable resource for direct and focused responses to some of life's most difficult and painful questions. It straightforwardly addresses end-of-life questions, such as the gift of life, redemptive suffering, judgment, and the hope of eternal life, as well as how to properly understand the Catholic Funeral Mass.

Whether as a preparation for a future journey or as an immediate guide for you now, We Are the Lord's is available and ready to help.

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Title:We Are the Lord's: A Catholic Guide to Difficult End of Life Questions
Author:Fr. Jeffrey Kirby, STD
Paperback79 pages
Publisher:Saint Benedict Press and Tan Boo (2019)
Dimensions:8.4 x 5.4 x .3 inch mm
Shipping Weight:    136 grams


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