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Mary MacKillop

In God and For God Music and Resource Book
By Charadia, Jen (Author)
"Music and Resource book designed to accompany the CD." more information
$24.95 AUD
Non stock item. Ordered in on Demand.
In God and For God Complete Set
By Charadia, Jen (Author)
"Complete Set includes both CD's and songbook." more information
$65.00 AUD
Non stock item. Ordered in on Demand.
In God and For God Instrumental CD
By Charadia, Jen (Author)
"Instrumental edition designed to accompany singing in parishes and schools." more information
$16.50 AUD
Non stock item. Ordered in on Demand.
In God and For God CD
By Charadia, Jen (Author)
"The songs and mantras on this CD are inspired by the words and lived spirituality of Mary MacKillop. Each song draws the listener into reflection on all that we are called to be. Mary MacKillop's awareness of God in every aspect of her life, and trust in her good God's will and providence, gives all of us a way of centering ourselves In God and For God." more information
$29.95 AUD
Non stock item. Ordered in on Demand.
Sainthood in Australia: Mary MacKillop and the Print Media
By McCreanor, Sheila (Author)
"In their reflections about her, journalists and cartoonists have constructed a new cultural artefact: the Mary MacKillop of the Print Media." more information
$34.95 AUD
Stock Item..
Mary MacKillop and Flora
By McCreanor rsj, Sheila (Author)
"For many years these letters between Mary MacKillop and her mother have been available only to those given access to them in the Congregational archives." more information
$27.95 AUD
Stock Item..
Mary MacKillop in Challenging Times 1883-1899
By McCreanor rsj, Sheila (Author)
"Between the ages of 41 and 57 Mary MacKillop experienced many challenges." more information
$34.95 AUD
Stock Item..
Mary MacKillop on mission to her last breath
By MacKillop, Mary; McCreanor rsj, Sheila (Ed.) (Author)
"Correspondence about the Foundations of the Sisters of St Joseph in Aotearoa New Zealand and Mary's final years 1881 - 1909" more information
$34.95 AUD
Stock Item..
Horse Tales of Mary Mackillop
By Phillips, RSJ, Diane (Author)
 more information
$16.00 AUD
Stock Item..

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