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A Will to Live
By Gomez, Archbishop Jose H. (Author)
"Archbishop Jose Gomes, renowned expert on death and dying issues, explains what every Catholic needs to know in order to effectively and morally prepare for the inevitable death of our loved ones and even ourselves." more information
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Amazing Grace for Survivors
By Cavins, Jeff ; Pinto, Matt (Author)
"In Amazing Grace for Survivors, you will will witness God's power as He forms and strengthens ordinary people who faced extraordinary circumstances. You will experience the pain in these stories and share the glory of their triumph. In the end, their grace becomes yours, for we are one body in Christ." more information
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Amazing Grace for Those Who Suffer
By Cavins, Jeff (Author)
"These ten stories will make you laugh, cry, and show you the power of God's healing grace. They address the age-old question of why a good God would allow people to suffer and how good can come out of evil. Here you will read about ordinary people who endured great hardship and discovered hope and healing through God's amazing grace." more information
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Annulments and the Catholic Church
By Peters, Dr. Edward (Author)
"Annulment. A perplexing word. To some, both Catholics and non-Catholics alike, it is synonymous with "Catholic divorce." Others think that an annulment makes children illegitimate. Many questions abound regarding this issue, one which unfortunately touches the lives of many in the Church today. In this helpful book, canon and civil lawyer Edward N. Peters clears up some of the confusion by answering the most commonly-asked annulment questions in a thorough yet easy-to-understand style." more information
$22.95 AUD
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Catholicism and Ethics
By Drummey, James (Author)
"After setting forth guidelines for arriving at sound ethical and moral decisions, including how to form a correct conscience, Catholicism and Ethics applies these guidelines to such vital health-care issues as artificial insemination, cloning, "test tube" babies, organ and tissue transplants, artificial nutrition and hydration, and the use of ordinary vs. extraordinary means. The book also traces the history of the Church's opposition to artificial contraception, shows why abortion and physician-assisted killing are terrible crimes, and presents sample health-care proxies governing end-of-life decisions." more information
$23.95 AUD
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Catholicism and Ethics Manual
By Hayes, Rev Edward J (Author)
"Manual/Study guide for the Catholicism & Ethics book. " more information
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Finding Relief from Suffering and Depression
By Drane, James F (Author)
"Dr. Drane, tapping into his vast knowledge of human nature and his extraordinary background in the areas of psychology, philosophy, literature, art and religion shows what a powerful role understanding and faith can have in alleviating all kinds of suffering and depression at every conceivable age in an individual's life." more information
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Pastoral Care Of The Sick (Large Edition)
"This is the official version of the "Rite of Anointing of the Sick." Large Edition." more information
$68.50 AUD
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Be A Man!
By Richards, Fr. Larry (Author)
"Men are rediscovering the importance of the spiritual life. And Father Larry Richards is helping them do it." more information
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Prayers for Grieving Parents
By Donnelly, Rev Nick (Author)
"Spiritual and practical help on the death of an unborn child." more information
$4.95 AUD
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Catholic Social Justice
By Cullen, Philomena; Hoose, Bernard; Mannion, Gerard (Author)
"This book draws together a distinguished panel of academics and practitioners involved in the pursuit of social justice." more information
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Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church
By Keenan, James F. (Author)
"On July 8-11, 2006, the first ever truly International Congress of Roman Catholic Ethicists occurred in Padua (see Four hundred Roman Catholic ethicists from all over the world met to exchange ideas, not under the aegis of the Roman Catholic Church, but under the patronage of a Dutch foundation and UNESCO. These ethicists, caught up in their own specific cultures, recognize the need to confront the challenge of pluralism; to dialogue from and beyond local cultures; and to interconnect within a world church, not dominated solely by a northern paradigm.While many of these ethicists knew of their conference colleagues by reputation and from their writings, this is the first opportunity most will have to meet face to face and engage in cross-cultural dialogue within their discipline. This book explores and discusses further the ideas sparked by this conference." more information
$39.95 AUD
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Christian Ethics in Holy Scripture
By Maxwell, John Francis (Author)
 more information
$24.95 AUD
Christian Moral Principles (Vol I): The Way of the Lord Jesus
By Grisez, Germain (Author)
"Volume One of Germain Grisez's 3-volume work" more information
$54.50 AUD
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Conscience: An Owners Manual
By Penrice, James (Author)
 more information
$12.95 AUD
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