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The Only Necessary Thing
By Nouwen, Henri J. M. (Author)
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The Our Father In Gethsemane
By Donnelly, SJ, Fr Francis P. (Author)
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The Saints Day By Day
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The Secret of the Rosary
By De Montfort, St Louis Grignion (Author)
"A new translation of the classic work" more information
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The Secret of the Rosary (Tan Books)
By St. Louis de Montfort (Author)
"Probably the finest book ever written about the Rosary; appeals to all ages. Shows the great spiritual power of the Rosary, which is appreciated by few. Tells why the Rosary is the most important private prayer. Canon William says of De Montfort's book, "It goes far beyond mere research. We might say that it contains everything that can be said about the Rosary -- its content and form, its real worth, about the instruction necessary for its appreciation and use." Over 5,300,000 sold! Impr. 126 pgs, PB" more information
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The Way (Pocket Edition)
By Escriva, Josemaria (Author)
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The Ways of Mental Prayer
By Lehodey, Rt. Rev. Abbot Dom Vitalis, Abbot of Bricquebec, O.C.R. (Author)
"First published 1907. One of the Church's great classics on mental prayer. Many approbations, including one from Pope St. Pius X. Divided into three parts: Prayer in General, Ordinary Mental Prayer, Mystical Prayer. Explains the advantages and joys of mental prayer, plus the techniques and methods. Shows what to avoid and how to overcome the problems involved. Thorough and enlightening. Destined to lead many to divine intimacy--a foretaste of Heaven on earth. Impr. 408 pgs, PB" more information
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Thirty Favorite Novenas
By Approved Sources (Author)
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Treasury Of Novenas
By Lovasik, Rev Lawrence (Author)
"More than forty popular Novenas carefully arranged for private prayer in accord with the Liturgical Year on the Feasts of Jesus, Mary, and favorite Saints." more information
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True Confessions
By Schubert, Linda (Author)
"This is a book about parts of ourselves that we sometimes don't want to admit. And yet, as we bring them to God, he opens great fountains of grace. Inviting God into our negative emotions and painful struggles often brings the deepest growth and healing in our lives." more information
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Uplifting Thoughts for Every Day -Lavender
By Catoir, Fr. John T. (Author)
"Minute meditations for every day of the year containing a scripture reading, a reflection, and a prayer. Fr. Catoir teaches us that one can eliminate negative thinking, and improve one's emotional life, by putting on the indomitable will to count one's blessings and choosing to be happy by filling one's mind with uplifting thoughts." more information
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Walking In The Light Of Faith
By Kroeger, MM, James (Author)
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Way of Divine Love - Large Edition
By Menendez, Josefa (Author)
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$39.95 AUD
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