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Here Am I Lord!: Adoration Services for Various Occasions
By Kaipan,Joy (Author)
"The Adoration Services contained in this book will help us to sit reverently at the feet of the Master." more information
$14.95 AUD
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Holy Eucharist Our All
By Etlin, Fr Lukas (Author)
 more information
$6.95 AUD
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Holy Orders
By Bertram, Fr Jerome (Author)
"Catholic teaching on the sacrament of Holy Orders" more information
$6.95 AUD
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How To Make a Good Confession pamphlet
"8 page pamphlet" more information
$0.60 AUD
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Is Jesus Really Present in the Eucharist?
By Evans, Bishop Michael (Author)
"A reasoned explanation of belief in the Real Presence." more information
$6.95 AUD
Latin Mass Explained
By Moorman, Rev. Msgr. George J. (Author)
"Everything needed to understand and appreciate the Traditional Latin Mass." more information
$32.95 AUD
Let Us Bow In Adoration
By Kaitholil, SSP, George (Author)
"Here is a valuable collection of hymns, meditations and prayers, for Eucharistic Adoration on a variety of themes proposed by our faith, the liturgical seasons and personal or social needs. In Eucharistic adoration we enter into a dialogue of intimacy and communion with Christ the Lord." more information
$12.50 AUD
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Mass Explained, The
By Moroney, Msgr James P (Author)
"In a three-pronged approach, this book explores the theological meaning of the Mass, examines the role to which baptized Catholics are called in its celebration, and helps readers to discover the meaning of its words, songs, gestures, and ritual actions. Illustrated." more information
$13.95 AUD
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Our Wedding (Regina Press)
By Rigg, Lucy (illustrator) (Author)
 more information
$5.00 AUD
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Permanent Deacons in the Parish
By Lally, Dr Bernadette (Author)
"A leaflet on married deacons." more information
$14.95 AUD
Stock item.
Reconciliation: The Mercy of Christ
By Boland OP, Vivian (Author)
"Understanding and experiencing the mercy of God" more information
$6.95 AUD
Stock item.
By Whinder, Fr Richard (Author)
"An introduction to Sacramentals - things and actions through which the Church conveys a blessing." more information
$4.95 AUD
Stock item.
Secret of Confession
By O'Sullivan, O.P., Rev. Fr. Paul (Author)
"Probably the most intriguing and consoling book ever written about the Sacrament of Confession. This little gem contains a host of true stories about Confession, plus quotes from the Bible and the Saints of the early Church. Shows how even Protestants admire Confession, how it comes from Our Lord Himself, and gives renewed courage and youthfulness of spirit to the heart and soul. Says that by means of weekly Confession any sin can be conquered! Filled with warmth and love." more information
$17.50 AUD
Simple Priesthood
By Connolly, Sean (Author)
"The author reflects on his vocation, the shock of being catapulted into parish life and how he has coped with the demands and expectations on him." more information
$24.95 AUD
The Blessed Sacrament Leaflets (Pack of 25)
"Introduces the Church's teaching on the Eucharist and Eucharistic devotions." more information
$20.95 AUD
Stock item.
The Eucharist: A Bible Study Guide for Catholics
By Pacwa, Mitch (Author)
"A Bible Study for Catholics" more information
$17.95 AUD
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