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Eucharist DVD (Fr Robert Barron)
By Barron, Fr Robert (Author)
 more information
$54.50 AUD
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21 Ways to Worship
By Flynn, Vinny (Author)
 more information
$24.95 AUD
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Missa Cantata
By Cox, Geoffrey (accompaniments) (Author)
"Organ music to accompany the singing of those parts of the new English Mass translation sung by the entire assembly" more information
$12.95 AUD
Stock item.
Order of Mass with Music cards (Pack of 20 A5 cards)
"Order packs of this Mass card to assist your congregation in singing and saying the new English translation of the Mass" more information
$37.95 AUD
Stock item.
Sacrifice in the Liturgy
By Elliott, Bishop Peter J (Author)
"In what sense is the Mass a sacrifice, and what does this mean for our spiritual lives?" more information
$6.95 AUD
Stock item.
Order of Mass in English, Presentation Edition
"The new English translation of the Mass in handy booklet form, bound in soft imitation leather" more information
$12.95 AUD
Braille Order of Mass
"Braille version of the Order of Mass" more information
$14.95 AUD
Stock item.
Companion to the Order of Mass
By Harbert, Mgr Bruce (Author)
"An exploration of the meaning and scriptural resonances of the words of the Mass, using the new Translation" more information
$6.95 AUD
Stock item.
Order of Mass Card (Pack of 20)
"The new English translation of the Mass printed on a durable laminated card" more information
$33.95 AUD
Stock item.
Order of Mass in Latin and English
"The new English translation on facing pages with the original Latin version" more information
$8.95 AUD
Stock item.
Baptism: Being a Child's Godparent Leaflet (pack of 25)
"Explains the importance of a Godparent's role and their unique promises" more information
$20.95 AUD
Stock item.
Priests of Jesus Christ Vol II
By Pope Benedict XVI; Skinner, Gerard (Author)
"These texts will, no doubt, inspire priests, seminarians, those discerning God's calling and others who appreciate the gift of priesthood in the mystery of Jesus Christ and give thanks to God for the same." more information
$44.95 AUD
Preach the Word
By Baker, SJ, Fr Kenneth (Author)
"The seventy-five homilies found here cover each of the Sundays and several of the major Feast days of the liturgical year." more information
$18.95 AUD
Magnum Mysterium
By Pilon, Mark A. (Author)
"For a considerable time now, marriage -- at least as Christians have understood it for the past 2000 years -- has been under assault in our Western societies from many different directions: in the courts, in legislatures, in the academic world and in the popular culture." more information
$31.95 AUD
Affirming Religious Freedom
By Whitehead, Kenneth D. (Author)
"Vatican II adopted an approach to religious liberty based on affirming the human dignity of the religious believer." more information
$15.95 AUD
Can I Confess by E-mail?
By Smith, Claire Mary (Author)
"This book cuts through the confusion experienced by many Catholics and non-Catholics alike as they relate to the Church and its teachings on a whole array of topics that affect their lives, their families and their worship." more information
$18.95 AUD
When Spirituality Isn't Enough
By Penrice, James (Author)
"If human-to-human relationships require physical interaction, how much more so does a human relationship with God, the ultimate source and object of our love. " more information
$15.95 AUD
Heart of the Christian Life
By Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus (Author)
"The celebration of the Eucharist, in which Jesus Christ becomes present, is the center of the Catholic faith. This volume brings together substantive texts of the Holy Father on the many aspects and dimensions of the Mass and the Mystery of the Eucharist, a rich source for every Christian and a spur to reflection and personal prayer." more information
$23.95 AUD
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No Ordinary Calling: Stories of Priestly Vocation
By Langridge, Stephen (Author)
"To choose to become a priest is indeed no ordinary calling: it requires faith, trust and confidence, to respond to God's call. Yet, today more than ever the Catholic Church needs holy men to be priests to her people." more information
$29.95 AUD
Holy Communion and Worship of the Eucharist Outside Mass
"Includes the Rite of Distributing Holy Communion outside Mass, Administration of Communion and Viaticum to the Sick by an Extraordinary Minister, and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament." more information
$58.50 AUD
Stock Item. Check Availability if Urgent.

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