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Holy Spirit

Devotions to the Holy Spirit
By Moore, Brian (Author)
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A New Pentecost
By Martin, Ralph (Author)
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The Sanctifier
By Martinez, Archbishop Luis M. (Author)
"The only complete and unabridged edition of this classic work currently available in English In The Sanctifier, one of the most fascinating books on the Holy Spirit ever written, Archbishop Martinez reveals the secret of holiness. Step by step, he guides us to understand the gentle ways in which the Spirit acts in our lives. The author explains how the Spirit is present to us and leads us to the Father and the Son, especially through the virtues of faith, hope, and charity. He then focuses on the seven gifts, which make us attentive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Along with the gifts, we discover the consoling fruits of the Spirit, such as joy, peace, and patience. Finally, Martinez crowns his work with a masterful explanation of the beatitudes, the summit of the Christian life. Luis M. Martinez (d. 1956), the archbishop of Mexico City, wrote many popular works on religion and spirituality. Among them all, The Sanctifier stands out as his classic work on the Holy Spirit." more information
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7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit
By Conrad OP, Fr Richard (Author)
"An introduction to living with the Holy Spirit and the gifts it brings." more information
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Who Is The Holy Spirit?
By Van Reken, Ruth and Knuckles, Barbara (Author)
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